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Pendennis Castle, ENGLISH HERITAGE

'Cornwalls Greatest Fortress'. Pendennis was built in the Tudor period, and was built on the West side of the Fal estuary to defend Falmouth. St. Mawes castle was built on the East side of the Fal estuary to do the same job as pendennis. Both castles were on alert during the Spanish Armarda, where shots were fired at the ships. During World war II, pendennis acted as a battle station yet again, where the secret plannings for D-Day took place. Huge guns which still remain on display outside at pendennis were put there to shoot down enemy planes during the war, and the Search-light mountings still remain towards the sea.
You can't see all that you need to know about pendennis in one day. Guided tours describe what it was like during both Tudor and Wartime. Well worth a visit.
Location: On Pendennis headland, 1 mile South-east of Falmouth town centre. Signposted.